Basic English Grammar


  • Judul Buku: Basic English Grammar
  • Penulis: Rohani Ganie & Dian Marisha Putri
  • Editor: Yusni Khairul Amri, Rahmadsyah Rangkuti dan Muhammad Ridwan
  • Penyunting: Ade Indah Muliati
  • Desain Sampul dan Tata Letak: Nurhasanah Purba
  • Penerbit: Budapest International Research and Critics University (BIRCU-Publishing)
  • Cetakan pertama: September 2020
  • ISBN: 978-623-94554-5-3
  • Price: US$ 6

This book is a breakthrough in English language learning imaginatively exploiting how the test can create understanding and help learners learn more productively. Basic English Grammar gives learners easy access to the basic grammar and functions of English as it is actually used in a comprehensive range of social situations. Self-guided students and classroom learners alike will be delighted by the way they are helped to progress easily from one unit to the next, using the combinations of pictures and text to discover for themselves how English works.

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